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Owned and operated by Mary Matava, Agri Service provides recycling services & operates full service compost facilities in Southern California. Working with local and state agencies to develop green waste facilities to meet the needs of communities, professional growers and gardeners. With over 30 years of experience in soil science and plant nutrition & over 20 years of experience with urban organic recycling, permitting and regulatory compliance. Our team’s combined experience allows us to assist cities and counties in managing and reducing their waste flow in an environmentally and economically sound manner.


“[Mary Matava’s] idea is brilliant in its simplicity, the city brings its green waste to AgriService where that waste is composted and then applied back on those same landscapes, with enough additional left over to be sold to other communities, commercial growers and even donated to the public if they want to load their own” Julie Walker – Healthy Day Board Member, and San Diego County Farm Bureau’s Farmer of the Year